Expected Future
Payouts Updated Daily

Our Robo-Actuary system constantly re-calculates
expected future payouts for living members of
each 10,000 member Tontine Pension based upon:

Biometric Sign-in

To ensure that only Members can login & validate payouts to or from their account, MyTontine uses advanced biometric identification technology to:

Identify members using 3D facial maps

Tontine System Summary

Biometric Registration

Members register their biometric & KYC details and send funds to the MyTontine trust accounts

Transparent Recordkeeping

Our Robo-Actuary pseudonymously records all member entitlements, investments & ongoing transactions on public distributed ledgers

Payouts Commence

Members periodically login to authenticate monthly payments which are loaded to their bank or MyTontine card accounts

Spend At Will

Members can use their MyTontine cards to spend or make withdrawals in ANY currency at over 40 million merchants & ATMs worldwide

Simple Conversions

Members can manually or automatically convert their unspent balances to any supported currency

payment icon

Make Transfers

Members can make transfers in any supported currency to their own or third party accounts

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